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Who isn’t aware of how large & popular YouTube has become? YouTube handles probably the most traffic and the highest volume of users that makes it the definite place on the internet to share your company videos.
As an entrepreneur, you want to think of the quickest method to promote your business and you’re well-informed that YouTube can bring out the best in your company. Now I know that you may want to take advantage of it. I am certain that in the following ways you can efficiently advertise and make use of the traffic that YouTube presents.
As I promised, I’ll enlist the things that you’ve to consider about YouTube advertising.
1. Take note of the YouTube Algorithm
Algorithm is one the best ways to check how well your video works and how effective it is. You have to give time and focus on this simply because by knowing your algorithm, you’ll be able to know the weak points of your video and thus the next time you make yet another one, you’ll be aware where and how to focus.
2. Personalize
Another main factor that contributes to your YouTube video marketing is when your viewers sees that your profile looks personally made. Do you know the other factors you should look at in customizing your YouTube page?
a. Invite more friends so that you have a wide range of audience that’ll be able to see your videos and can easily comment on the flaws and high notes of the same.
b. Post on your bulletin board. In this way, videos will be displayed on your friend’s profile.
c. Subscription, this is available when you’ve already requested a friend invite.
d. Stumble it! Stumble Upon is indeed one of the most famous social bookmarking sites so better optimize your video & submit it to stumbleupon.
e. Make use of social media, YouTube jives with all the social media sites. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, one way you can help drive traffic to your video is to share it to your social networking sites. In this manner, many other people can view your video and if they enjoy it, they can easily share it.
3. There’s power in views, comments and likes and dislikes
There is power in views, for it is the reason why your video is ranking or not. There is power in commenting because this way you’ll know where to improve your video. There is power in liking and disliking the video. This way you will have the drive to make your next video better and you can prove to people who don’t like it that you can improve.
With the following advice I am pretty sure that you’ll soon experience success in your online video marketing campaigns. Utilize video marketing even if it is still new and developing. This wonderful way of marketing and advertising of your products and services will soon be the reason your company sees an increase in demand.

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